About Mauiki

“Surrounded by the sea, surf, sports and nature which became a lifestyle, one day, her brother named his young dog “Maui” inspiring to choose the name of our newborn brand. With summer and paradisiac islands in mind, then added a “K” and an “I” to give it a different and exotic touch. Mauiki was born, forever connected to the sea, the most abundant and enigmatic element of our Planet Earth. As a curiosity, we later found out that ”Mauiki’’ is also the name of one of the Cook’s Islands, located on the South of Pacific Ocean, in the same latitude as Hawaii and close to New Zealand. Mauiki, or Mauke in other languages, was once known as ‘‘Akatokamanava’’ meaning ‘’where my heart can rest’’. It is also one of the three neighbour islands of Nga, Pu and Toru. Extraordinarily beautiful, Mauiki is a garden island, abundant in wildflowers. Mauiki is also considered a fire god by the locals. 

During a special trip to Brazil, that lasted more than 1 year, three adventurer girls travel to a magic place into the jungle next to the sea where they were inspired by the Brazilian biodiversity, fauna and flora, by the shapes and exotic colors of the jungle… then one of the girls as fashion designer started design all the complex patterns which turn into exclusive prints and incorporate them into unique models to fits every bodies on perfection and giving self-confidence to all #Mauikigirls.

Mauiki works to be an eco-sustainable brand, trying to apply ecological solutions, preserving nature and contributing for the well-being of our planet.

Consciously we practice a sustainable production with low environment impact in the heart of the countryside and using recycable organic cotton packaging. We are attentive to the latest trends of fashion, always innovating to create diverse styles for different occasions.

The quality of our products is assured by having a dedicated and professional team, always working with love on our products which are handmade and developed step-by-step, from the prototype to the final piece.

Our vision is to express freedom, offering comfortable products that show attitude and confidence through vibrant full of life colors.

Mauiki is an unique brand always creating exclusive collections and limited editions of original products. To go beyond the expectations of our clients is our greatest ambition!